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Building Custom Homes

A lot of my past blogs have been about my projects. The theme of this blog is to spend some time talking about the details behind building custom homes. I want to give you the quick and dirty on what you need to know before taking the leap and building your dream home.

I think the first step of course is to procure financing for your project. Once you know your budget you can begin pricing out the home of your dreams… In this case your dream has a budget .

Once the financing is done you then have to start looking at home layouts and putting together your list of needs and wants. Most people do not put enough time into the customization of their home. Spend a lot of time asking friends and family what they like and love about their home. Do not forget to ask what they would change if they could re-build their home. It is best to list these items prior to the construction of your home. If you account for all of the little details it can be budgeted and affordable. However, if you wait until your house is complete and go back, that’s when things get expensive fast.

After you figure out your new homes layout aka blueprints, list your needs and wants, now it is time to build. Proper preparation prior to breaking ground is vital for a smooth and pleasant home building experience.

Preparation is vital for a pleasant home building experience but communication is also essential. Once the home is being constructed it is important that the contractor and homeowner stay in weekly communication. These weekly meeting help maintain realistic expectations for the contractor and homeowner. Meetings also give the homeowner a chance to see their dreams come to fruition.

Lastly, document, document and document. The last thing you want to worry about five years from now is not remembering any of the details of your homes materials, layout, specs etc. Make two copies of everything and take notes. It will give you peace of mind years down the road when you are looking for some specific measurements or a color code of a wall you painted.

This is just an overview of a few things you need to keep in mind before you build your custom home.

Thank you for your time.
Brian F.
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