Valley Builders LLC: Custom Residential Home in the Shenandoah Valley

Custom Residential Home in the Shenandoah Valley

I am sure glad that spring has swept over the Shenandoah Valley! Flowers are blooming and birds are singing. I am a hunter and did enjoy spring gobbler season… I guess for the rest of summer I will have to do some fishing to make sure I stay active in the outdoors. The summer is shapping up nicely and it is already looking like a very busy summer for work. Today I want to talk about the custom residential home that we finished up last month located on Boliver Road in Fort Valley Virginia.

Custom Built Residential Home in Shenandoah Valley

Custom Built Residential Home in Shenandoah Valley

This was a challenging project because the roof had dormers coming of the hip of the roof. The roof was also full of angles. This was a great test for my crew and I. That is one enjoyable aspect of a custom home is all of the unique cuts and angles. It is always a pleasure to meet and exceed my customer’s expectations.

The custom home ended up totaling 2300 square ft with an attached 2 car garage. The walls of the foundation and the garage are poured concrete walls. Some of the benefits of poured concrete walls include:

  • Poured walls have compressive and flexural strength sever times of a block wall
  • Increased water resistance because the walls are more dense, joint-free that will reduce water related issues
  • Fire resistance is twice as much fire protection as hollow core concrete block
  • The finish can be brick or smooth finishes
  • Once the concrete walls are poured it is virtually maintenance free

This custom home also featured a gazebo on the corner of porch. The deck is huge and has a screened section that is 10 foot x 20 foot and another unscreened section that is 16 foot x 20 foot. At Valley Builders we have built dozens of custom built decks but this is one of my favorites. The incorporation of the gazebo sets it off.

Custom Built Residential Home in Shenandoah Valley

Custom Built Residential Home in Shenandoah Valley

Over the last year we have really started expanding our presence into the Harrisonburg (Zip Codes 22802, 22807, 22801) and Winchester (Zip Codes 22601, 22602) markets. We do serve the entire Shenandoah Valley. We are located in Fort Valley Virginia but we have traveled as far as 100 miles to complete work.

Thank you for your time.

Brian F.

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Brian is a Class A holding contractor in the state of Virginia. He is insured and licensed to complete any construction projects in Virginia. Brian not only is the contractor of each of his project but he completes the footers, drain tile, framing and is onsite to assure the highest quality of each of the sub-contractors. Brian wrote his companies mission and goes over it with each sub-contractor to make sure when Valley Builders is hired each and every aspect of the job is completed to that standard.

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