Valley Builders: Home Demolition – Froghollow Rd in Winchester VA

Home Demolition – Froghollow Rd in Winchester VA

House Demolition on Froghollow Rd in Winchester Virginia

House demolition on Froghollow Rd in Winchester Virginia.

This home demolition project was located on Froghollow Rd in Winchester Va. Everyone at Valley Builders enjoyed this February project immensely! It all started with a phone call from a client who inquired if we could do a home demolition and leave a nice building lot where the house once stood. Traditionally we do custom home building but our skill set expands far past custom homes. After some due diligence we accepted the job and started preparing for the project…. A couple days after we confirmed the project we got a phone call from the client asking if we could tear down the house but keep the fireplace and chimney! Again, we accepted this home demolition project and said it would be done. Wow, that phone call made this job a lot more interesting! As you can see from the pictures this was a two story home close to 2,000 sq ft. We meticulously tore down the home to assure the structural integrity of the fireplace and chimney! I did not think we could have so much fun completing a demolition! I felt

Excavator Knocking Down What Remains on Froghollow Rd

Excavator Eating The House

like I was 10 years old again taking a Tonka truck and smashing through a lego castle I built! After the house was tore down and everything loaded into an open construction container it was time to grade the lot. As you can see from the final picture the only thing that now stands is the fireplace and chimney!



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Brian F.

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Brian is a Class A holding contractor in the state of Virginia. He is insured and licensed to complete any construction projects in Virginia. Brian not only is the contractor of each of his project but he completes the footers, drain tile, framing and is onsite to assure the highest quality of each of the sub-contractors. Brian wrote his companies mission and goes over it with each sub-contractor to make sure when Valley Builders is hired each and every aspect of the job is completed to that standard.

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