Valley Builders: Home & Kitchen Renovation Part 2 – Mt. Jackson Virginia, May 6

Home & Kitchen Renovation Part 2 – Mt. Jackson Virginia, May 6

Mount Jackson Virginia. Kitchen Remodel Before and After Pictures.

Mount Jackson Virginia. Kitchen Remodel Before and After Pictures.

The crew and I are still loving the spring weather in the Shenandoah Valley while we complete a kitchen renovation project! I do miss hunting but other than that I am hungry for summer! Valley Builders is located in Fort Valley, Virginia and at times because of the mountains it seems like winter will never end. Trees are blooming and everything is coming alive again. Today we are going to discuss a kitchen renovation project in Mt. Jackson Virginia.

This is the second part of the home remodel. This features the kitchen renovation that we did. The project is in Mt. Jackson Virginia, on Fleming Park Rd 22842. Valley Builders might be located in Fort Valley but we are a mobile construction company. We provide construction and contracting services from Winchester to Harrisonburg. We work with clients in Woodstock, Strasburg, Mt. Jackson, Basey, Front Royal, New Market, Stephens City, Broadway, Middletown, Timberville, Luray and of course Fort Valley. We are here to serve the Shenandoah Valley and I-81 corridor!

Mount Jackson Virginia. Kitchen Remodel Before and After Pictures.

Mount Jackson Virginia. Kitchen Remodel Before and After Pictures.

The project in Mt. Jackson on Fleming Park is now complete. In the pictures you can see that we reused the countertops but ripped out all of the old cabinets and replaced them with a more modern look. We also opened up a pass thru area from the kitchen into the living room. Under this opening we installed a second sink for washing hands and additional counter space and cabinet space. If you have any type of home remodel give Valley Builders a call so we can provide a free estimate.

If you are considering renovating your kitchen consider the four major reasons below before you tackle that project:

To Deal With Damage

Kitchen cabinets, counters, walls and floors, because of natural wear and tear or accidents, often require moderate to extensive repair work over time. When planning repair work, you should consider a partial or full renovation, as you will already be dealing with the mess of construction and in the mood to “improve” your kitchen and make it “look better.” The types of renovations you decide on can be as simple as re-facing existing cabinets with veneers to hide cosmetic damage or as extensive as tearing out old burnt or scored countertops and installing new ones.

To Update Kitchen Style

Many kitchen cabinet and counter styles go out of fashion. Although some designs are retro, you might find yourself waiting years for your kitchen to be in vogue again for social gatherings. If you’re embarrassed to show your kitchen to guests, consider renovating it with classic cabinet refacing color and style options that never go out of style instead of whatever “new” trend happens to be in fashion. Classic options to consider include shades of white, cherry, oak or bamboo and flat or raised basic wood or laminate panel doors, or flat, textured, beveled or leaded glass doors.

To Create More Space

Narrow or cramped kitchen footprints, small storage areas and difficult to reach cabinets are all reasons to renovate a kitchen. Modern kitchen cabinet makers can help you redesign your kitchen with custom-built options to give you more walk through space and storage. In addition, they can help you organize your kitchen to make it more manageable. This is especially helpful if you have an infirmity that impedes your movement or ability to reach or bend.

To Improve Air Quality

Kitchen cabinets and countertops made from fiberboard are another important reason to renovate. Many kitchens contain manmade pressed wood products made with formaldehyde and other volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) proven to cause upper respiratory problems and cancer. The older your cabinetry, the more important it is that you schedule an immediate evaluation followed by renovation. During the kitchen redesign process, consider low emitting products such as natural wood for cabinets and non-porous DuPont Corian or Quartz materials for counters.

Thank you for reading. I hope you gained a little information on kitchen renovations We are excited to hear from you. Please leave feedback.

Thank you for your time.

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Brian is a Class A holding contractor in the state of Virginia. He is insured and licensed to complete any construction projects in Virginia. Brian not only is the contractor of each of his project but he completes the footers, drain tile, framing and is onsite to assure the highest quality of each of the sub-contractors. Brian wrote his companies mission and goes over it with each sub-contractor to make sure when Valley Builders is hired each and every aspect of the job is completed to that standard.

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