Valley Builders: Pole Barn Addition in the Shenandoah Valley

Pole Barn Addition in the Shenandoah Valley

The last two days in the Shenandoah Valley has been a little chilly… I guess summer is really coming to an end. This blog is going to focus on educating my readers about the value of a pole barn and talk about a pole barn addition that we completed in Fort Valley Virginia.


What is a pole barn?


Pole Barn Addition in Fort Valley. 30x24 structure 18 Foot CeilingsPole barns can also be called pole framing, pole-frame construction and pole building framing. This type of construction is a simple building technique that has been adapted from traditional timber framing. Pole barns are constructed using large poles or posts that need to be sunk into the ground and the vertical parts of the poles is what is used to support the structure. Peer holes are dug and foundation is established before the vertical posts are built. Supports and grits are used to provide the horizontal supports.


This method was created in the 1930s for agricultural practices because of the shift toward engine-powered farm equipment and the demand for cost effective bars with larger storage areas. The adoption of this type of building has been accepted because once the main part of the pole-built structure is completed a single individual can be complete the rest over the course of a month or a season.


The pole barn addition we built in Fort Valley Virginia is 30 feet by 24 feet with 18 foot ceilings. The purpose of this pole barn is to house oversized equipment that does not have to be stored in a closed location.

We are located in Fort Valley Virginia but we offer construction services throughout the Shenandoah Valley going as far North as Winchester Virginia and as far South as Harrisonburg Virginia. Towards the East we have done work in both Luray Virginia and Front Royal Virginia. Heading West we have completed projects in Bryce and Basye Virginia.


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Brian is a Class A holding contractor in the state of Virginia. He is insured and licensed to complete any construction projects in Virginia. Brian not only is the contractor of each of his project but he completes the footers, drain tile, framing and is onsite to assure the highest quality of each of the sub-contractors. Brian wrote his companies mission and goes over it with each sub-contractor to make sure when Valley Builders is hired each and every aspect of the job is completed to that standard.

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