Valley Builders LLC: Premier Custom Home Contractor – Woodstock Virginia

Premier Custom Home Contractor – Woodstock Virginia

Location of Shenandoah County VirginiaI wanted to write this post to talk about the housing marketing in Woodstock, Virginia. Woodstock is located in between two mountains in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. To be more specific, Woodstock is in Shenandoah County off Interstate 81, Exit 283. My company is based in Fort Valley Virginia just over the eastern mountain. Valley Builders is a premier custom home contractor. I was born and raised in Fort Valley and went to High School at Central High School in Woodstock. This is my home and it is a part of me. Enough nostalgia lets get to my blog.

Shenandoah County Virginia LogoThe population of Woodstock is 5,171 people and covers 3.2 sq miles according to the 2012 census. The Shenandoah Valley has 42,583 and covers 513 sq miles…. The population is higher than I thought. The population is Woodstock has remained consistent from 1990 – 2007. But after our economic recession more people elected to leave the city life for the country life. Our population increased 20% in from 2007-2012. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the transplants to help them build their dream home.

From my experience I have refined my skills as a builder to assure that every home exceeds the homeowners expectations. Woodstock is growing and I am ingrained in the growth of this town because I help build its communities. I would like the opportunity to sit down with anyone that is looking to build their first or new home. We don’t just build a house we make a dream a reality.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. In the future I am confident that I will continue to build the infrastructure of the strong community of Woodstock Virginia.



Brian F.


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Brian is a Class A holding contractor in the state of Virginia. He is insured and licensed to complete any construction projects in Virginia. Brian not only is the contractor of each of his project but he completes the footers, drain tile, framing and is onsite to assure the highest quality of each of the sub-contractors. Brian wrote his companies mission and goes over it with each sub-contractor to make sure when Valley Builders is hired each and every aspect of the job is completed to that standard.

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